Philips HR2084/90 Stand Blender Essential 650 Watt

After I've fallen for another blender on the nose, but then I have resorted to this more expensive model but it has paid off. Processing and feel are good. Same as breville blend active blender.The blender is easy to use, the glass cup is really top quality and the operation is reliable and safe. I especially like the stepless control operation, so you can meter the mix really well.

A real plus is of course the screen for pulp, which you can use to wring juice from fruits. The fruit and the pulp inside this screen remain, while the juice runs to the outside - really a great idea. Because some have complained about the volume: I measured 80 dB, which is absolutely ok, a Commercially available vacuum cleaner comes at 90 dB ran loose and I had already stand blenders that were so loud. The Philips has real power and you can hear just as well!

Another plus is the good state: At the bottom are suckers, so the blender is still safe even at full throttle. And the lid holds, even if you do not fixed it by hand - I had already experienced differently. From me 5 stars, the blender is really worth its money!

We have the blender primarily for above-mentioned bought. But you can also mix great cocktails. Cleaning is easy and quick. Thus the container so big you can mix great drinks for 4 people. The performance will also fit our requirements. Last I gecrusht a bunch of ice, which went without problems. We are satisfied with the device.

Hello, we have the Blender now two months in operation and no reason to complain. This part is not just noise, but which blender is not it? The gasket keeps the whole and can also be relatively easy to clean. The glass container is probably a bit heavier than the Kunstoffvarianten, but a hygiene criterion in the long run. Crushed Ice we have not yet been made, that comes in the summer, but otherwise mastered the blender everything was coming in with confidence.

Philips HD4646 Kettle Basic series (1.5 liter, 2400 watt) white

Philips HD4646 is my first stove. I  have ordered it with another provider for € 29 (was probably a bit more expensive at Amazon at the time). The heating element is concealed as described at the bottom but has a small bump on B0den as a kind of border.

The cooker can be decalcify very simple and is generally fairly straightforward.
I noticed that the lid squeaks a little when shut in the region of the joint.

I think it is perfectly normal for a kettle to boil water when he is making noise I do not mean going cooking noiseless water.
The duration of the heat is common I think (I have no scale). Regrettably, this is the kettle no control lamp is .. that could have been the icing on the cake formed

We have had many kettle, this is by far the best so far. Some cookers have an A, -Ausschalthebel mounted below the unit that you have to pull up and after the water boils back down alone.

position to jump on "Off", this worked after 2 weeks at unserem.letzten cooker not, he always turned after a short time the unit without the water to kochen.Der A, - off the Philips is a top mounted toggle switch is better to use.

and also does not return too early to "Off" The cooker is by its 2400 watts very fast.The transparent scale on both sides for the water level is very good ablesbar.Das overall design of the digester like very much .He is cooking very open and close quietly .The closure of the lid is very easily accessible from the Hand.Ein ejoyable device which we can 100% recommend.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Smartphone Review

Great smartphone with enough features. The color and feel are very comfortable and timeless. With 8 GB of internal storage you really get very far. The camera takes good photos and makes good quality videos. Great apps are also played well and bucking only very rarely.

The smartphone has so far also not been suspended (about 9 months in use). Unfortunately, the housing is (I suspect plastic?) Not very robust (after a case has already gotten a few scratches). All in all I am very satisfied!

I'm two weeks ago switched mini from my Galaxy S2 to S4 (which I also a BlackBerry Q10 mobile use as a service). The S4 convinced me all along the line and I can view it as a worthy and consistent successor of S2. Both phones differ only slightly from the size. Nevertheless, the S4 as Mini in hand significantly smaller, which I regard as positive.

The case is processed valent, nothing cracks, rattles or creaks. The display I like very much, especially when I compare it with my old S2 display. The colors are good effect and reading emails or surfing the Internet is possible in razor-sharp resolution (at least to my mind quite sufficient).

The new software update KitKat could be downloaded and installed easily. The operating system runs smoothly, quickly and as yet, no gimmicks. What I find is a bit of a shame that Samsung has the Mini (as well as the S2) missed no LED light. But there are applications (eg NoLED), which offer a suitable replacement for this.

The voice quality on the phone is flawless. The battery lasts easily two days with me. The supplied Samsung Accessories I liked, including can use in-ear headphones and a charger, its mini-USB cable I pull off and for data transfers to the PC again.

All in all, the S4 Mini in the truest sense of the word a round thing. Users of other Samsung Galaxy devices will feel in seconds "at home". The small model makes it even me - as a woman with small hands - able to answer text messages with just one hand. That would be unthinkable etc. in the larger models S3, S4.

Russell Hobbs Blender Review

I have many recessions over the machine .. read the very good, the other not thrilled. That's why I bought the machine with mixed feelings. But: Neatly packed you have been delivered very quickly, have you tried the same course and have to say properly. Also, the building is no problem. Who can think a bit logically, has quickly out with the Verschlüsen, and already the fun can go for relatively little money. And well you see on top of that also.


Have decided to read more reviews for the Russell Hobbs.


1. The blender should not be as expensive as it is not used every day

2. min. 600 watts, it should have to break the ice creams in the summer


My conclusion:

Can recommend the blender. Cleaning is easy. preparing smoothies

he super too. Must crush it a bit the fruit and vegetables.

Frozen fruit should already thawed. For the purposes where it is used

a great and inexpensive thing.


Have the blender for a few weeks in daily use and find it perfectly. However, I've never had another blender, so I can not compare. He crushes the fruit and vegetables perfectly. For the price of an easy-care and good device. As long as he holds to be seen. Really the only flaw: it is difficult to pour without spilling the jug. The edge is very wide. Still, full points.


Unfortunately, the first Standblender- always went why - after a relatively short time broken. Since he was replaced free of charge within a short time, I can not complain. I use it almost every day to chop vegetables for soups or fruit ... I could not live without them. With hard stuff he has some problems, however - as you should choose a stronger-performance device. Ice I crunche not.

Wansview WiFi Lan/WLan Camera Review

The installation is quite simple. A couple of network skills are an advantage. On the Internet, a nice colleague has written a good German instructions. Just search google for "nc541w German manual"! - So it works just fine. 

I've been using my old laptop on which Windows XP is still installed the CAM. However, the first test showed a black screen. Since then was because I had used the browser than Internet Explorer. Quickly installed Firefox and already there was the picture. My Internet Explorer on the laptop apparently needs an update. Think then it's even there. On all other computers I have Windows 7. Since it runs in all browsers. The manual is really not usable. That's why there are still 5 points. Reason: Just totally great for the money. 

I have a cheap camera to monitor our garden wanted to keep an eye on our dog while we are at work - and have met with the WANSVIEW NCB541W the right choice. 

The device I managed Computers to within a few minutes, without the included software, purely through the web interface. Now I can see on the Internet, which is home to so doing and even hear - just the best. 

Only the recording function caused problems:

In Windows 7 and 8 it can cause problems when selecting the recording path, here the browser should be opened as an administrator (in my case Internet Explorer). 

For the Low-Price-Level a great camera, does what it should. Super image quality unless you do not expect at this price, but the associated software works smoothly (Win7HP64Bit) 

The installation is described simply and well, even in German (if a little bumpy. It is important that you connect the camera with FIRST CABLE to the router, then everything works quite simply. Representation and control in the browser OK. Additional program for the control of several cameras available. Android app works well. What more could you want?

Excellent Quality Dell U2414H Monitor

After several test reports and tens of research I came across this monitor. There are two camps and price ranges of monitors. Either Full HD with prices up to 200 euros or UHD with prices around 600 euros. Because for me was not an option because of the price UHD I have read several reviews of 27 and 24 inch monitors in Full HD range.


My price range moved to a maximum of 300 Euro and all 27 inch monitors always had too many flaws in min. Point (for example, no IPS or color rendering). I am glad now to have this 24-inch monitor. The frame is extremely narrow (the monitor looks much more delicate than similar 24-inch model) and excellent illumination and color rendering. I work part-time images and this monitor is the only one in the class was able to meet with 300 of my expectations. Am very glad to have discovered this monitor!


I bought this screen as an addition / extension to my notebook, because my 16 "of Vaio work for longer it was too small. Included in the delivery is a USB cable (for USB HUB Monitor) and a DisplayPort cable ,


Unpacked, clicked foot, power off, USB in, HDMI in - and off we went.


Genial I find the thin frame, that's really amazing. No piano-lacquer-finished, no plexiglass frame, no interfering edges. Perfectly processed. I also like the ability to move the window viewing in any plausible direction. This works quite smooth, judder / shake without big.


I also like the various. Preset presets (Standard, Games, Movie, Multimedia, Paper, sRGB) producing color / contrast / etc. Especially the sRGB setting convinced me when working with Adobe PS.


All in all I am very satisfied so far! 

I have read many reviews that are reporting problems when using the screen on a Mac. I decided anyway for the screen and have not looked back. The screen is perfectly compatible with my MacBook (late 2009) and has an excellent quality!

Canon IXUS 155 digital Camera Review

Since this camera was probably times winner, I have decided to give away this. If I sometimes use I'm really excited the camera every now and then. The pictures are great, the videos are good quality and the Handy is due to the size and with large hands very well. As users Set Today we are very satisfied.

The camera is handy and fits in any pocket. I wanted to also, because I have a larger camera, but you do not always want to take. (Also comes on the situation). The operation is very simple, and the quality of the images very well. I can recommend this camera at all times.

This camera is very good for notebook users, because it is very handy and small enough for a shirt pocket. The operation is used to. But after some time and try it works quite well. The color is great. The pictures are good, always sufficient for home use! In any case, a good price-performance ratio.

Finally a good camera for a budget. Great colors of the recordings, only recommended speed, resolution, image stabilizer and sharpness. The holiday was by the images of the camera and then have pure joy. So easy to do as a photographer / not photographer great photos. Easy, easy!