what is The rotary speaker

The rotary speaker is a Speaker with a mechanism that caused the chorus effect by being rotated separately in motor, and horn treble for, the rotor of the bass parts for, give a spread to the sound. Be used in combination with Hammond organ in many cases. The rotation speed can be in two stages of slow-fast, and stops. Don Leslie was developed, it has been released under the name (aka Leslie speaker, described below) that Leslie unit, but this name has been generalized as a pronoun.

Manufacturing and distributor was another company with Hammond organ originally, Suzuki Musical Inst acquired trademark rights, it is manufactured and sold with Hammond organ now. From having to struggle to transport the body is large, each organ maker to reproduce electronically rotary speaker, rotary speaker incorporates as an effect of the body organ. This is called "electronic Leslie" in Hammond organ, however, it is referred to as a Leslie simulator is often generally.

There is also a voice reproducibility is the improved technology progresses, however, that there is no I in enemy rotary speaker real still. Therefore, there is also a model that is equipped with a connector of the rotary speaker. Models that omit the "electronic Leslie" is also present in the Hammond organ in particular.
Structure itself seems to be reproducible by your own for the simple, if those detailed knowledge if musical instrument amplifier that divided the range.

Rotate small speaker that reproduces only the treble has been released from several manufacturers now, but it is difficult to say that to reproduce the full sound of the Leslie speaker wooden large. I is caused by reflections and of sound in a wooden cabinet, that the speaker / horn / woofer itself is large. That said, it is one of the best choice as a substitute.

Leslie speaker (Leslie speaker), is intended to be utilized has been devised Donald Leslie by (Donald Leslie) in the 1940s, the Doppler effect, put the effect of timbre tremolo, such as vibrato, built-in amplifier is the speaker unit. It can be used in connection with Hammond organ is often particularly but not the product Hammond's. Along with the Hammond organ, it has come to be used in favor to rock musician since the 1960s. "House of the rising sun" of Animals of Procol Harum (Procol Harum) "Blue Shadow (" A Whiter Shade of Pale ")" and is well known.