Canon IXUS 155 digital Camera Review

Since this camera was probably times winner, I have decided to give away this. If I sometimes use I'm really excited the camera every now and then. The pictures are great, the videos are good quality and the Handy is due to the size and with large hands very well. As users Set Today we are very satisfied.

The camera is handy and fits in any pocket. I wanted to also, because I have a larger camera, but you do not always want to take. (Also comes on the situation). The operation is very simple, and the quality of the images very well. I can recommend this camera at all times.

This camera is very good for notebook users, because it is very handy and small enough for a shirt pocket. The operation is used to. But after some time and try it works quite well. The color is great. The pictures are good, always sufficient for home use! In any case, a good price-performance ratio.

Finally a good camera for a budget. Great colors of the recordings, only recommended speed, resolution, image stabilizer and sharpness. The holiday was by the images of the camera and then have pure joy. So easy to do as a photographer / not photographer great photos. Easy, easy!