Excellent Quality Dell U2414H Monitor

After several test reports and tens of research I came across this monitor. There are two camps and price ranges of monitors. Either Full HD with prices up to 200 euros or UHD with prices around 600 euros. Because for me was not an option because of the price UHD I have read several reviews of 27 and 24 inch monitors in Full HD range.


My price range moved to a maximum of 300 Euro and all 27 inch monitors always had too many flaws in min. Point (for example, no IPS or color rendering). I am glad now to have this 24-inch monitor. The frame is extremely narrow (the monitor looks much more delicate than similar 24-inch model) and excellent illumination and color rendering. I work part-time images and this monitor is the only one in the class was able to meet with 300 of my expectations. Am very glad to have discovered this monitor!


I bought this screen as an addition / extension to my notebook, because my 16 "of Vaio work for longer it was too small. Included in the delivery is a USB cable (for USB HUB Monitor) and a DisplayPort cable ,


Unpacked, clicked foot, power off, USB in, HDMI in - and off we went.


Genial I find the thin frame, that's really amazing. No piano-lacquer-finished, no plexiglass frame, no interfering edges. Perfectly processed. I also like the ability to move the window viewing in any plausible direction. This works quite smooth, judder / shake without big.


I also like the various. Preset presets (Standard, Games, Movie, Multimedia, Paper, sRGB) producing color / contrast / etc. Especially the sRGB setting convinced me when working with Adobe PS.


All in all I am very satisfied so far! 

I have read many reviews that are reporting problems when using the screen on a Mac. I decided anyway for the screen and have not looked back. The screen is perfectly compatible with my MacBook (late 2009) and has an excellent quality!