Wansview WiFi Lan/WLan Camera Review

The installation is quite simple. A couple of network skills are an advantage. On the Internet, a nice colleague has written a good German instructions. Just search google for "nc541w German manual"! - So it works just fine. 

I've been using my old laptop on which Windows XP is still installed the CAM. However, the first test showed a black screen. Since then was because I had used the browser than Internet Explorer. Quickly installed Firefox and already there was the picture. My Internet Explorer on the laptop apparently needs an update. Think then it's even there. On all other computers I have Windows 7. Since it runs in all browsers. The manual is really not usable. That's why there are still 5 points. Reason: Just totally great for the money. 

I have a cheap camera to monitor our garden wanted to keep an eye on our dog while we are at work - and have met with the WANSVIEW NCB541W the right choice. 

The device I managed Computers to within a few minutes, without the included software, purely through the web interface. Now I can see on the Internet, which is home to so doing and even hear - just the best. 

Only the recording function caused problems:

In Windows 7 and 8 it can cause problems when selecting the recording path, here the browser should be opened as an administrator (in my case Internet Explorer). 

For the Low-Price-Level a great camera, does what it should. Super image quality unless you do not expect at this price, but the associated software works smoothly (Win7HP64Bit) 

The installation is described simply and well, even in German (if a little bumpy. It is important that you connect the camera with FIRST CABLE to the router, then everything works quite simply. Representation and control in the browser OK. Additional program for the control of several cameras available. Android app works well. What more could you want?