Russell Hobbs Blender Review

I have many recessions over the machine .. read the very good, the other not thrilled. That's why I bought the machine with mixed feelings. But: Neatly packed you have been delivered very quickly, have you tried the same course and have to say properly. Also, the building is no problem. Who can think a bit logically, has quickly out with the Verschlüsen, and already the fun can go for relatively little money. And well you see on top of that also.


Have decided to read more reviews for the Russell Hobbs.


1. The blender should not be as expensive as it is not used every day

2. min. 600 watts, it should have to break the ice creams in the summer


My conclusion:

Can recommend the blender. Cleaning is easy. preparing smoothies

he super too. Must crush it a bit the fruit and vegetables.

Frozen fruit should already thawed. For the purposes where it is used

a great and inexpensive thing.


Have the blender for a few weeks in daily use and find it perfectly. However, I've never had another blender, so I can not compare. He crushes the fruit and vegetables perfectly. For the price of an easy-care and good device. As long as he holds to be seen. Really the only flaw: it is difficult to pour without spilling the jug. The edge is very wide. Still, full points.


Unfortunately, the first Standblender- always went why - after a relatively short time broken. Since he was replaced free of charge within a short time, I can not complain. I use it almost every day to chop vegetables for soups or fruit ... I could not live without them. With hard stuff he has some problems, however - as you should choose a stronger-performance device. Ice I crunche not.