Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Smartphone Review

Great smartphone with enough features. The color and feel are very comfortable and timeless. With 8 GB of internal storage you really get very far. The camera takes good photos and makes good quality videos. Great apps are also played well and bucking only very rarely.

The smartphone has so far also not been suspended (about 9 months in use). Unfortunately, the housing is (I suspect plastic?) Not very robust (after a case has already gotten a few scratches). All in all I am very satisfied!

I'm two weeks ago switched mini from my Galaxy S2 to S4 (which I also a BlackBerry Q10 mobile use as a service). The S4 convinced me all along the line and I can view it as a worthy and consistent successor of S2. Both phones differ only slightly from the size. Nevertheless, the S4 as Mini in hand significantly smaller, which I regard as positive.

The case is processed valent, nothing cracks, rattles or creaks. The display I like very much, especially when I compare it with my old S2 display. The colors are good effect and reading emails or surfing the Internet is possible in razor-sharp resolution (at least to my mind quite sufficient).

The new software update KitKat could be downloaded and installed easily. The operating system runs smoothly, quickly and as yet, no gimmicks. What I find is a bit of a shame that Samsung has the Mini (as well as the S2) missed no LED light. But there are applications (eg NoLED), which offer a suitable replacement for this.

The voice quality on the phone is flawless. The battery lasts easily two days with me. The supplied Samsung Accessories I liked, including can use in-ear headphones and a charger, its mini-USB cable I pull off and for data transfers to the PC again.

All in all, the S4 Mini in the truest sense of the word a round thing. Users of other Samsung Galaxy devices will feel in seconds "at home". The small model makes it even me - as a woman with small hands - able to answer text messages with just one hand. That would be unthinkable etc. in the larger models S3, S4.