Philips HD4646 Kettle Basic series (1.5 liter, 2400 watt) white

Philips HD4646 is my first stove. I  have ordered it with another provider for € 29 (was probably a bit more expensive at Amazon at the time). The heating element is concealed as described at the bottom but has a small bump on B0den as a kind of border.

The cooker can be decalcify very simple and is generally fairly straightforward.
I noticed that the lid squeaks a little when shut in the region of the joint.

I think it is perfectly normal for a kettle to boil water when he is making noise I do not mean going cooking noiseless water.
The duration of the heat is common I think (I have no scale). Regrettably, this is the kettle no control lamp is .. that could have been the icing on the cake formed

We have had many kettle, this is by far the best so far. Some cookers have an A, -Ausschalthebel mounted below the unit that you have to pull up and after the water boils back down alone.

position to jump on "Off", this worked after 2 weeks at unserem.letzten cooker not, he always turned after a short time the unit without the water to kochen.Der A, - off the Philips is a top mounted toggle switch is better to use.

and also does not return too early to "Off" The cooker is by its 2400 watts very fast.The transparent scale on both sides for the water level is very good ablesbar.Das overall design of the digester like very much .He is cooking very open and close quietly .The closure of the lid is very easily accessible from the Hand.Ein ejoyable device which we can 100% recommend.