Philips HR2084/90 Stand Blender Essential 650 Watt

After I've fallen for another blender on the nose, but then I have resorted to this more expensive model but it has paid off. Processing and feel are good. Same as breville blend active blender.The blender is easy to use, the glass cup is really top quality and the operation is reliable and safe. I especially like the stepless control operation, so you can meter the mix really well.

A real plus is of course the screen for pulp, which you can use to wring juice from fruits. The fruit and the pulp inside this screen remain, while the juice runs to the outside - really a great idea. Because some have complained about the volume: I measured 80 dB, which is absolutely ok, a Commercially available vacuum cleaner comes at 90 dB ran loose and I had already stand blenders that were so loud. The Philips has real power and you can hear just as well!

Another plus is the good state: At the bottom are suckers, so the blender is still safe even at full throttle. And the lid holds, even if you do not fixed it by hand - I had already experienced differently. From me 5 stars, the blender is really worth its money!

We have the blender primarily for above-mentioned bought. But you can also mix great cocktails. Cleaning is easy and quick. Thus the container so big you can mix great drinks for 4 people. The performance will also fit our requirements. Last I gecrusht a bunch of ice, which went without problems. We are satisfied with the device.

Hello, we have the Blender now two months in operation and no reason to complain. This part is not just noise, but which blender is not it? The gasket keeps the whole and can also be relatively easy to clean. The glass container is probably a bit heavier than the Kunstoffvarianten, but a hygiene criterion in the long run. Crushed Ice we have not yet been made, that comes in the summer, but otherwise mastered the blender everything was coming in with confidence.